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Behind The Scene: "Softness in a Jar

Lapis Body Care Stories

I highly recommend the Glow Boosting scrub because my body is so soft. The aroma hits instantly giving an overall exhilarating feeling.

Chicago, IL 

If you love yourself, then you definitely should be using this body butter.

Chicago, IL

I like the way your scrub made my feet super soft.

Chicago, IL

Loved my experience with Lapis body butter and body scrub. You can legit feel the quality of the product when you apply to skin.

Eddie  B.
Los Angeles, CA

I use the Coco Moisture followed by the Vanilla body butter for my hands and feet. Very smooth, soothing and moisturizing. Makes me feel like I have my own little spa at home.

Austin, TX

I am in LOVE with this product! What a perfect way to unwind after a long week, and the scrub leaves my skin feeling butter soft. The RestorE body scrub is my favorite so far. The nourishing vitamin E leaves me with the most vibrant glow! Highly recommend!

Chicago, IL

I got my bath bomb as a sample with my order, by the next week I purchased more for friends and family. My first time ever using a bath bomb, I was impressed and it was great after a long day of exercising. My skin was soft, let’s not forget the relaxing scent. Highly recommend.

Phoenix, AZ

I love MY products, both the Calming Waters body scrub and body butter; especially, the body butter I like how I don't have to use a lot to get my whole body moisturized and it smells really good. Yes, my skin feels really soft with the body scrub.

Springfield, IL


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this irritate my sensitive skin?

Our clean products are designed to promote healthy skin, remember to test patch

What do you specialize in?

Detoxifying body scrubs and other body care items

How long will my product last?

Customized orders have a 3-5 month shelf life

What can I do to prolong my scrub and/or body butter?

Avoid adding water to the jar and keep the lid closed when not in use

Can your products help heal wounds?

Never attempt to exfoliate on damaged or broken skin 

Is it safe to use everyday?

Yes, but start with 1-2 days per week and gradually increase usage

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