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Healthy skin starts with exfoliation and hydration of the body. Our products offer a specific detox selection to smooth and soften skin. We understand healing and maintaining your skin can be a beautiful yet challenging journey, and we are up for the challenge with our organic hand made products. 

We invite you to experience "Softness in a Jar"

Mission Statement

Our mission is to guide our clients toward body positivity and self care. This is achieved by delivering luxury self care products at your home from our heart, where every package is sealed with quality ingredients. We proudly value our sustainability practices as an effort for community responsibility. In addition, we have strengthened our cleaning standards and practices in response to Covid-19 guidelines. 

Meet the Owner

When the face of the company believes the body is essential too!

An open letter from Lapis Lazuli:

Hi and Welcome,

I am here to deliver the ultimate experience of "Softness in a Jar". We all like to have gorgeous skin, whether there is a pandemic and budgeting is tight, or life is full and spa time is limited. After enduring a long work week or simply persevering through a busy home-life, we've got you covered. I believe that a normal daily routine should include the much needed nourishment which leads to soft, smooth, and properly moisturized skin. As a super mom, I find it impossible to schedule a day at an expensive spa. My inspiration is derived from creating nourishing exfoliants for friends experiencing skin issues; as this was the case for me. I found passion and fulfillment within the process of helping others to expose their most luminous and beautiful selves. On top of it all, I found happiness in putting my degree in BioMedical Science to good use; in addition to, my laboratory experience in Biology and Chemistry. Incorporating my professional experience with my educational background and my passion for helping others has enhanced my  joy and gratitude for life. This has led me to a beautiful place... where I am working to produce and ship handmade body care items across multiple categories and needs. My goal is to help as many people to meet their body care goals as possible. Through Lapis Body Care LTD., skin care can be both organic & affordable while still bringing visible and tangible results. 

With love,
Lapis Lazuli


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